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Lead Free HASL

Nihon Superior Lead free solder – starter and replenisher alloys for Hot Air Level applications

High Nickel concentration used when Nickel is low after copper removal (10X greater than SN100CL®)

Florida CirTech Hot Air Flux


Acid cleaner


Electroless Nickel 2 Part system

Low Gold concentration Immersion Gold

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Download PDF

Immersion Silver

Acid Cleaner

Immersion Silver pre-dip and main silver bath

Silver anti-tarnish

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Potassium based persulfate blend

Hydrogen Peroxide micro-etch

Uniquie chemical Blends

Electroless Nickel stripper (removes Nickel in ENIG process)

Hydrogen Peroxide micro-etch

Removes Palladium Catalyst to prevent Plating in non-plated thru-holes in ENIG process

VOC-Free Liquid Photoresist

Waterborne Liquid Photoresist

Waterborne Liquid Photoresist For Photochemical Machining

Waterborne Liquid Photoresist

Laser Direct Imaging Liquid Photoresist

AQ 3000 Waterborne Photoresist Product Highlights