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Welcome to FCT Asia

FCT Asia was formed in 2007 based on the idea of providing solutions to Asia based Printed Circuit Board (PCFAB) and Electronic Assembly manufacturers. FCT Asia is headquartered in Hong Kong with a sales office in the Shenzen area of China.  We are primarily a distributor of Florida CirTech products that are locally manufactured in China and Taiwan. 

In the Printed Circuit Board market, products include the Nihon Superior SN100C® lead free solder used in Lead Free Hot Air Level. We also sell our Hot Air Fluxes for this process and a variety of chemicals used for final finishes including the Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) process and Immersion Silver. We are also the only supplier of a VOC-free liquid photoresist used for inner layer print and etch.

In the Electronic Assembly market, our products start with the Nihon Superior lead free solder which is used in wave and selective soldering and is also available in paste form for reflow soldering. We also have a wide variety of no clean and water washable solder pastes and wave fluxes. 

Details on our products can be obtained by clicking on a product category below.

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